What makes someone amazing? What makes them thrive?

We believe that when it comes to working with people, a pragmatic solution is essential. A set of principles that are adaptable, honest and thorough – after all, we are working with humans. There are so many variables to consider and be aware of to effectively manage and work with them.

Ultimately, what we have found through our experience has been that people can do similar or the same jobs but some may accomplish more than others – why?

They will be in the right environment and working with the right people for them.

When discussing a brief with a client, we understand that client. Not just their turnover, career prospects and that persons’ deliverables but what our client is like, their personality traits, their background and what dynamic they are looking to instil within their team or business.

This will help us to not just identify someone who can do the job but someone who will fit that working environment and be able to build real relationships with that team. This leads to creating and maintaining a genuinely happy workplace where people work through enjoyment and happiness – they thrive.

If the people within your business are thriving then your business will also.

We have a unique set of principles that we work to that helps us understand someone thoroughly enough for us feel confident to submit them to our client.

Our process has led to a 100% success rate from our first shortlist submittal.

Currently, due to our size and focus on quality, we only operate in the Rail Industry helping to identify leaders in the following areas;

Traction & Rolling Stock – Manufacturing – Owners & Operators – Asset Management – Infrastructure – Civil/Structural – Design – Electrification & Power – Health & Safety

If you would like to find out more about our process and how we might be able to help, please contact Kingsley and ask for our Client Partner – Jon Manning.