At Kingsley Consulting, relationship development, customer satisfaction and delivering a successful experience to our Clients is what drives us forward.

Executive Search and Retained Recruitment. The Kingsley exec and retained search model is perfect for strategic and senior level positions. We use video interviewing and behavioral testing as part of our service, bringing a fresh dynamic to the process.

Project Mobilisation and Campaign Management. Kingsley provides our clients access to a dedicated resourcing team with the flexibility to recruit teams from 2 to 100 people within agreed timescales. We can manage all of the recruitment compliance, induction and onboarding process.

Preferred or Approved Supplier. Working with your business as a preferred supplier means that we establish a uniform approach to your long-term recruitment needs, working established Service Level Agreements (SLA) and agreed payment terms .

Video Technology. Using our video Interview platform, we provide the client with a visual of the person behind the CV. This creates a saving on interview time and cost, reduction in time to hire and provides more flexibility to Hiring Managers within your business.

Whatever our clients’ needs, Kingsley has a solution to help. We truly get to know your business to find the ideal model that will meet the needs of your business, project or team.