Cliff Masey
Co-Founder & Commercial, Sales Director

They say that Recruitment is not just a job but a way of life and having been in recruitment now for over 20 years, something that everyone at Kingsley Consulting would testify to.  Starting my career with John Lewis, as a Manager for 5 years, Customer service has since then always been at the core of everything I do.  This has continued to be the driving factor behind how we work with all clients, candidates, partners and suppliers.  Working with people is what I love, helping them succeed, providing further value and service above and beyond expectations as well as forging long term relationships & partnerships with everyone is key to a lot of this.

I beleive we should all strive to be a better version of ourselves than the day before.  Ive 2 amazing (not so) Mini Me’s who have grown into amazing young adults and in the time we have free, like to visit new places, enjoy spending it doing various varied activites, from playing basketball, to paddleboarding, scuba diving, theme park, water park, then also for myself going out to various restaurants trying different foods, Cooking, hacking around the golf course.  There is a love of Liverpool FC that my son also shares, so like to watch them as much as possible along with some F1 and when possible getting down to my favourite place in the UK, the Cornish coast.

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