RIDI Awards 2016 Finalists

We are absolutely delighted to have been shortlisted as a RIDI Awards 2016 finalist amongst several other prestigious organisations within the recruitment industry, government & corporate world.

As a very newly created Recruitment business Kingsley Consulting wanted to do things right, be better and be as inclusive as possible from its creation.  The directors of the business are using their previous experience and knowledge of working with inclusive and diversity focused organisations ensuring that our business is as inclusive as possible from the start.  Kingsley Consulting wants to ensure that our unique business from its birth, follows a journey where full diversity and inclusion walks hand in hand as the business grows and develops. We want to ensure that any barriers to recruitment are completely removed.  If there are any reasonable adjustments that may need to be provided, that our candidates, clients, suppliers or partners feel comfortable to ask for them, with the knowledge and assurance that they will be carried out without any judgment, bias or discrimination.  We want to work with as wide a talent pool as possible from Injured armed forces personnel, people with mental health issues, individuals with other forms of disability to people without, to ensure we find the right people, with the right talent for the right job ensuring peoples skills are used irrespective of any disability that they may have.

As a company, we are passionate about people and to be shortlisted for such a great Award so early on into our journey as a business, for something we strongly promote across our services whether to candidates or clients, we really are feeling quite proud and as our website states ‘Kingsley Consulting is serious about people. It’s the fundamental heartbeat of everything we do as a business’.  As a company, the Directors who guide the business and collective group of individuals working within Kingsley Consulting, we want to ensure we support every single person out there from any race, religion, gender, culture, sexual orientation or disability group and make sure they are aware we will remove any barriers to their recruitment journey throughout the entire recruitment process with them.  ‘It really is all about the People for us…… ‘