Save time & cost – get visual with your candidates!

How do we keep adding value to our Clients? It’s a question we continually ask ourselves here at Kingsley. To improve anything, you first need to question everything! and to also listen carefully to what feedback you’re receiving.

Our Clients have been telling us more and more that they are spending so much time on wasted 1st interviews. So what happens?

  • The hiring process stalls and may also elongate, as when you have a Senior Hiring Managers availability to coordinate when diaries are tight due to operational and day to day pressure on time….1st interviews can become a frustration.
  • This means the vacancy remains open longer, increased workload and added additional pressure – so what is the cost to their business? It will vary from Client to Client and depend on how long the vacancy

Time is a key factor for everyone and when your time is limited or stretched, can’t just can’t afford to waste it. This is the majority feedback we’ve received from the majority of our Clients – Wasted time on interviewing or screening candidate CV’s

With this on board, over the past 2-3 months, we have been looking at different ideas on what we can do better for our Clients as an added value particularly focusing on this stage of the hiring process and I’m pleased to say that on the 1st of May Kingsley will be launching a new platform which is going to help our Clients save time at the front end of the shortlist and selection phase of the hiring process which will enable them to operate hire more efficiently and reduce cost.

This platform will allow us to showcase our candidates through the creation of high-quality videos which run alongside their CV.
The videos are client tailored to ensure the most important and relevant questions are the ones being answered. Our Consultants will schedule and conduct the interview, creating a uniquely high quality shortlist, specific to the position. Our clients can then subsequently select the best culture fit candidates for a face-to-face interview with confidence, eliminating the need for initial first interviews/phone interviews, which is a huge time saver.

From initial conversations, we have received a great response to this from Clients that we have walked through the Demo of the Platform and I am pleased to report that we have secured some exclusive assignments with a number of these for May already.

See some highlights of the platform here:Example Screenshots

We are looking forward to rolling it out to a wider base as we move forward – for further information on this product and to discuss how it could add value to your hiring process, give Kingsley a call on 01327 227320