VIDEO: The Future of Recruitment


On the 1st of May, Kingsley Consulting launched a brand new video recruitment platform and already we and, more importantly, our Clients are seeing some truly amazing results. This technology revolutionises the front-end shortlist and selection phase, in turn streamlining the hiring process and enabling us to showcase Candidates through the creation of high quality videos that run alongside their CV.

Simply put, we save you time and give you the opportunity to cherry-pick the best Candidates before the interview process, eliminating the need for time-consuming telephone/first interviews.


This is achieved in 5 simple steps:

  1. The client provides a job spec and between 5-10 customised questions they want each Candidate to answer
  1. We invite prospective Candidates to take part in a short, two-way video call with one of our skilled Consultants, recording them as they answer the Client’s key questions
  1. Videos and CVs are automatically stored in the Client’s own secure online portal
  1. The Client logs on to the portal and is able to access the videos, which play alongside the Candidate’s CV
  1. The Client invites their chosen Candidates to a formal interview, cutting down interview time by an average of 70%!


No longer will you have to spend countless hours on the phone or sending emails regarding potential roles and Candidates; no longer will you waste time on screening CVs or carrying out fruitless first interviews.


Our platform allows us to manage your recruitment process through your portal – irrespective of whether you have two or two hundred roles to fill. We do the initial work so that you can review Candidate’s videos and CVs at a time that suits you, simply by logging-on to your portal. If you want to interview someone, all you have to do is press a button and we will be notified and make arrangements on your behalf.


Join the revolution!

For further information about our game-changing recruitment product, please call Kingsley Consulting on 01327 227320.