We did it!

Ben, Cliff and myself paired with Patrick Mulhall, MD of Pallite, to raise funds and awareness of homelessness in Northampton. Needless to say the experience was cold and extremely emotional. To say we arrived unprepared is an understatement! If it was not for Pallite and the preparation that went into what can only be described as a giant toblerone, we would have been in trouble!

The night started in high spirits, we managed to make some friends with the neighbours and create some entertainment with the locals. However, the night started to draw darker and the temperatures were beginning to drop. People were getting tired and it started to dawn on us all that this is where we were bedding for the night.

I cant say we got much sleep! However, we made it to morning.

This is where the whole experience really kicked into gear. We had the ability to pack up our belongings, get in our cars and go to our warm homes and see our loved ones. An experience suddenly became a reality.

This whole experience allows us now to have a first handed approach to the candidate process where we support the homeless from the streets and into employment.

In Partnership with the Hope Centre, The Big Sleep Out 2018, Kingsley Consulting raised a total of £1286.75.