You’ve probably seen and heard it all before…

“A recruitment service tailored to your needs, becoming your trusted partner, delivering with integrity, honesty and value”.

But the fact is that here at Kingsley Consulting, we really are in the business of connecting people, making a difference and changing lives.

Kingsley Consulting provides a service to our clients and candidates that gives back. It goes beyond making a placement, obtaining a fee and patting ourselves on the back for helping someone move forward in their career… before promptly forgetting about them and moving onto the next role.

We are with all of our partners in for the long haul, nurturing talent, finding that diamond in the rough, filling those next-to-impossible placements and knowing that our time, effort and skill has helped both individuals and businesses fulfil their potential.

The Perfect Fit

Every person on this planet is unique, just as every business, no matter what industry or sector, is different. As the years pass, companies and candidates evolve, adapt and grow, both personally and professionally. Kingsley’s approach centres on this principle, which is why we treat all of our clients according to their individual and ever-changing needs.

Our consultants are industry experts who continuously strive to deliver a recruitment service that goes above and beyond. In doing this, we are able to build lasting, trusting and meaningful relationships that are focused on you.

Too many recruitment consultancies opt for quantity over quality, which couldn’t be further from our approach. Recruitment only works if the candidate is the right fit for the business, so we will only put someone forward for a role once we have been briefed by the client, done the research, found that perfect CV, interviewed and screened each individual possibly using our video interviewing platform.

Simply put, we are not in the business of wasting your time or ours and we do this with the help of the very latest technology including our video interviewing platform.

A Collaborative Effort

Our business was created to give true ownership back to our employees, so that each and every one of us – from consultants to admin staff; resourcers to management – has a voice and the opportunity to contribute and create something special.

And we’re not simply talking about financial rewards; everyone at Kingsley Consulting has the ability to question. To question how we can improve and evolve, both in our individual careers and as a business. To work together in moving Kingsley forward day by day, year upon year. To take pride in building a company together.


Kingsley Consulting uses video technology working with our clients to provide simplified and streamlined recruitment. We’ve been using our video interviewing platform for some timer now, helping streamline our valued client’s recruitment process, allowing them to make better, informed decisions, saving them huge amounts of time and money; whilst at the same time creating a much improved and professional recruitment journey for each candidate going through the process. Take a look at the video…