Marisa Baker is Keynote Speaker at CILT Women In Logistics Conference

It is a pleasure to announce that our very own Marisa Baker has been invited to be a Keynote Speaker at the CILT Women in Logistics Conference on the 1st of November 2018.

With all the ongoing support Marisa is providing to disadvantaged individuals and developing career paths to encourage sustainability and longevity, Marisa is proud to share the knowledge and experience shared whilst promoting this project.

These candidates can be from backgrounds such as  homelessness, long-term unemployment, suffering with mental health issues or ex-offenders.

Marisa has worked hard in creating professional relationships with local charities and an organisations to facilitate a “4-week live warehouse experience”, whilst obtaining their NVQ Level 1 in Warehousing. The candidate will then have the opportunity to undergo a test to acquire a FLT counterbalance licence.

“These individuals are in need of someone to care, help and support them! It is the best proven method of retaining our staff, upskilling them in the correct way and empowering them to strive for more out of their career. This person just needed to be provided a platform to create a value out of their experience… sound familiar? As they say, What goes around, comes around”.

Furthermore, Kingsley Consulting are members of the Northamptonshire Logistics Forum which allows us to participate in local challenges within the Logistics Sector. The group work collaboratively to aid the development of the sector locally whilst helping to shape the conversation at a national level to provide help for the issues affecting our businesses. By working in this collaborative way with the logistics industry, we can help facilitate local solutions to key issues such as increased energy efficiency, HR and recruitment. Each year the Logistics Forum proudly presents the Northamptonshire Logistics Awards which is now entering its fifth year. The awards evening celebrates the very best in the Northamptonshire Logistics sector.


Positivity breeds results…

Opportunity breeds change…

Passion breeds honesty!


“We all have the ability to break the cycle and do right by your own ideals which in turn creates a new set of standards for another to operate by”.


If you would like to attend this event, please book your tickets by clicking here