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Recruitment Experts within Building Products

In the Building Products sector, our network is wide-reaching, connecting us with Manufacturers, Distributors and Merchants whom we support in their recruitment needs.

Our approach and delivery is personal, centred around understanding your unique business aspirations, culture, and challenges. We're passionately committed to finding candidates who not only have the skills but also resonate with your company ethos, paving the way for long-lasting success together.

Building Product

Optimising recruitment within the Building Products Sector

We know that hiring can be difficult. Which is why since our formation in 2016, we have been an early adopter of utilising video technology and bespoke marketing and automation strategies to help deliver the very best recruitment results for our Client Partners. We never just send you a CV. We optimise the recruitment process for you, enabling your hiring teams to make more informed decisions. Decisions based on character, culture fit and competency of each candidate we deliver to you on our shortlist, not just a CV.

Product Manufacturers, Distributors and Merchants throughout the UK trust our process. We have built and nurtured relationships with some of the UK’s leading brands within the Construction Product space whom all rely on our expertise to assist them in building their teams. We work in partnership with our clients to identify and deliver the very best talent in and outside the Industry within Technical, Sales, Procurement, Marketing, Operations, Finance and Administration positions.

Area Sales Manager on the phone

What teams can we help you grow?

We consistently place a diverse range of talent with our clients, covering various roles such as Specification Sales, National/Regional/Area Sales Manager positions, Branch Sales, Product Installation, Technical Support, Marketing/Product/Category Management, Purchasing & Procurement, as well as Internal and Site Administration positions.

Let us help you develop your team and recruit the next Important hire for your business together.

Retained Search

High-touch, strategic recruitment service for critical, hard-to-fill roles. Combines deep market insight, consultative approach, and advanced video recruitment techniques for unparalleled candidate engagement and headhunting precision.


Elite, comprehensive recruitment offering for senior-level hires, providing dedicated resources, video recruitment integration, enhanced company branding, and a suite of tailored marketing strategies to attract top-tier talent exclusively


No-risk, performance-based hiring solution. Ideal for businesses seeking flexible, cost-efficient recruitment strategies without upfront fees. Success-focused, ensuring alignment with client needs. Does not include video platform.


Streamlined, efficient service for temporary, contract, project specific or fixed term labour needs.  Ideal for covering short term labour requirements, adapting to work load or project fluctuations and immediate staffing requirements, with comprehensive candidate support and seamless integration, whilst ensuring rapid deployment and flexibility.

Large Project Mobilisation

Dedicated service for small to large project mobilisation, major recruitment project or staffing full teams within businesses. Offers strategic sourcing, video integration, coordinated team assembly and rigorous vetting to ensure optimal project and team performance. Ideal for large-scale, industry-specific needs, providing reliable, effective quick and effective solutions

Flexible recruitment solutions for employers

At Kingsley Consulting, we understand the unique recruitment needs of different businesses. Our innovative approach and advanced Video solutions allow us to provide tailored recruitment services that deliver exceptional results.

Recruitment Manager interviewing candidate

Are You Hiring?

Talk to a team member and see how we can help you save time, reduce costs, and streamline your recruitment process

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