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Kingsley Consulting boasts an illustrious track record within the Finance sector, serving a diverse array of organisations across the UK and Europe—from esteemed financial institutions and fintech startups to accountancy firms, investment companies and every type of business across the UK that has its own internal Finance function. Our expertise extends across a wide range, catering to roles from, Finance Administrators, Bookkeepers, financial analysts and accountants to senior management and C-suite executives.

Our approach is fundamentally rooted in understanding the nuances of your business objectives, culture, and the specific challenges you face. We are committed to pairing you with candidates who not only possess the necessary financial qualifications and experience but also align with your organisational ethos and team culture. This ensures sustained success and enables your business to excel in service delivery to your clients by integrating the very best talent available into your operations.

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Optimising recruitment for your Finance department

Kingsley's experience in the Finance sector is unparalleled, offering award-winning, innovative recruitment solutions. We have supported some of the largest global enterprises in their talent acquisition endeavours, recruited and onboarded entire brand new finance teams for organisations and have developed bespoke short and long term recruitment strategies. These strategies include initiating new training programmes in partnership with accredited bodies, new onboarding processes and more to nurture thousands of finance professionals, helping to address the dynamic needs of the industry. 

We utilise cutting-edge Video Technology to help revolutionise recruitment within the Finance sector and allow you to see the person behind the CV instantly, without having met them. This includes conducting thorough screenings for a variety of finance roles. Our innovative approach brings about enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and a personal touch throughout the hiring process.

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What teams can we help you grow?

Our partnerships span the entire industry, encompassing collaborations with financial institutions, fintech firms, consultancies, and investment companies. This extensive network ensures that you receive a recruitment solution that is not only unmatched but also meticulously tailored to meet your specific needs. 


We cater to the full spectrum of the Finance industry delivering talent across all variety and level of roles including, Payroll & Finance Administrators, AP, AR, Management Accountants, Financial Controller, Financial Manager, Tax Accountant, Compliance Officer, Cost Accountant, Corporate Finance Analyst, Forensic Accountant to CFO’s.  Whether the requirement is for a short to mid-term contract need or a permanent requirement we provide solutions that will help enable your business and team to deliver the required outcomes.

Retained Search

High-touch, strategic recruitment service for critical, hard-to-fill roles. Combines deep market insight, consultative approach, and advanced video recruitment techniques for unparalleled candidate engagement and headhunting precision.


Elite, comprehensive recruitment offering for senior-level hires, providing dedicated resources, video recruitment integration, enhanced company branding, and a suite of tailored marketing strategies to attract top-tier talent exclusively


No-risk, performance-based hiring solution. Ideal for businesses seeking flexible, cost-efficient recruitment strategies without upfront fees. Success-focused, ensuring alignment with client needs. Does not include video platform.


Streamlined, efficient service for temporary, contract, project specific or fixed term labour needs.  Ideal for covering short term labour requirements, adapting to work load or project fluctuations and immediate staffing requirements, with comprehensive candidate support and seamless integration, whilst ensuring rapid deployment and flexibility.

Large Project Mobilisation

Dedicated service for small to large project mobilisation, major recruitment project or staffing full teams within businesses. Offers strategic sourcing, video integration, coordinated team assembly and rigorous vetting to ensure optimal project and team performance. Ideal for large-scale, industry-specific needs, providing reliable, effective quick and effective solutions

Flexible recruitment solutions for employers

At Kingsley Consulting, we understand the unique recruitment needs of different businesses. Our innovative approach and advanced Video solutions allow us to provide tailored recruitment services that deliver exceptional results.

Finance Recruitment Manager interviewing candidate

Are You Hiring?

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