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Recruitment Manager interviewing a candidate

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Standing Out with Video Interviews

At Kingsley Consulting, we look to ensure we create an extremely personal approach to how we work with our candidates and clients alike and in turn believe in the power of video to help our candidates showcase their personality along with their skills, which a CV by itself simply isn’t able to do. With our innovative approach, we empower candidates to stand out from the competition by creating compelling video resumes and conducting interviews through video, showcasing the real person behind the CV. Our goal is to provide candidates with a unique and effective way to present themselves to potential employers, ensuring they make the very best initial and lasting impression.

Recruitment Manager interviewing a Sales Manager
Recruitment Manager interviewing a candidate

Increased application and interview success.

Through how we showcase the candidates we work with for new potential opportunities, it allows us to be able to put those candidates to the very forefront of the selection process.  We ensure you are able to stand out from other applicants, potentially also in the process providing you with a greater chance to help secure that next step in your career.

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