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IMServ needed to rapidly recruit a large number of technicians despite the scarcity of readily available skilled workers in the energy sector. The specialised nature of the roles, combined with a fast-evolving technological landscape, required a recruitment approach that could efficiently source and prepare candidates for immediate deployment.


To tackle this, Kingsley Consulting devised a strategic recruitment plan in collaboration with IMServ, focusing on several key initiatives:


  1. Customised Screening Process: A tailored screening protocol was established to ensure only candidates with the necessary skills and potential were selected, optimising the recruitment process.

  2. Collaborative Training Programme: To bridge the skills gap, Kingsley Consulting partnered with a specialist training provider to design a bespoke training programme specifically for IMServ’s operational requirements.

  3. Dedicated Training Facilities: A custom training area was built within the training centre, designed specifically to meet the unique needs of IMServ, facilitating focused and efficient training for new hires.


The collaborative efforts led to significant achievements:

  • Effective Placement: Over 65 technicians were successfully hired and integrated into IMServ, benefiting from comprehensive training at both the dedicated training centre and directly at IMServ.

  • Enhanced Onboarding: Each technician received a personalised welcome package, including direct engagements with Kingsley representatives and ongoing support throughout their training, ensuring a seamless transition into their roles.

  • Continuous Support: Dedicated account management was provided to ensure ongoing satisfaction and alignment of expectations between IMServ and the new recruits.


This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of targeted recruitment strategies and specialised training programmes in addressing skill shortages within the energy sector. By customising the recruitment and training processes, IMServ was able to meet critical operational demands and maintain compliance with industry standards.

Kingsley Consulting employees standing next to IMServ employees

IMServ Partnership Case Study

IMServ, a leading provider of Energy Data Collection and Meter Operations in the UK, embarked on a substantial recruitment campaign. The company, responsible for overseeing more than a quarter of the UK's electricity consumption, aimed to hire over 100 meter technicians to comply with industry-wide rollout deadlines. The recruitment efforts were challenged by a limited pool of skilled candidates and widespread skill shortages in the sector.

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