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Vaillant - Streamlining recruitment through an MSP

Vaillant, a leading manufacturer of boilers, heat pumps, and heating systems, is recognised for its innovative products and services. To improve recruitment efficiency and enhance their existing practices, Vaillant engaged Kingsley Consulting to manage their recruitment needs across the UK, specifically within their field service operations.


Vaillant's recruitment challenges prior to partnering with Kingsley Consulting included:

  • Extensive management time dedicated to recruitment activities.

  • Inconsistent candidate experiences and poor engagement.

  • Inefficient recruitment processes with high operational costs.

  • Frequent loss of candidates during the recruitment process.

  • Issues with duplicate candidate submissions.


Kingsley Consulting implemented a Managed Service Provider (MSP) solution tailored to Vaillant's needs:

  • Centralised Recruitment Management: Unified oversight of all recruitment efforts, both permanent and contract, including the coordination of five other recruitment firms.

  • Creation of Role Release Process: Standardised procedures for vacancy announcements, including scheduled dates for CV reviews, interviews, and inductions.

  • Streamlined Candidate Management: Enhanced direct management of candidates, including accommodations for interviews and refined HR and onboarding processes.


The MSP solution delivered significant improvements:

  • Time and Cost Efficiency: Reduced time spent on recruitment by 20%, saving over £20k annually.

  • Improved Recruitment Process: Quicker job release-to-offer cycles and better candidate experiences, especially in Central and Northern regions.

  • Enhanced Candidate Quality and Engagement: More effective candidate pooling and higher quality candidates, bolstered by successful Open Days in Southern and Northern areas.

  • Optimised Transparency and Efficiency: Increased transparency in recruitment operations and reduced time wasted on managing duplicate candidates and unnecessary roles.


The collaboration between Vaillant and Kingsley Consulting has transformed Vaillant’s recruitment strategy, aligning it with their operational goals. This has led to considerable cost savings, improved candidate quality, streamlined recruitment processes, and enhanced brand recognition through a new recruitment structure.

Client Testimonial

Kingsley Consulting originally set up and have continued to manage the MSP for ourselves at Vaillant covering the UK recruitment for us. Since the implementation of the MSP for ourselves at Vaillant it has achieved what we had hoped it would have and has seen huge saving in both my own and my managers time involved in Recruitment allowing more focus on their jobs.


Improvements throughout the whole recruitment process has seen a better candidate experience, whilst pro-activeness of the MSP has also seen an improvement on both the volume and quality of candidates we have received too, which has been supported through the successful Open Days that were held.


The time saving, money and improved recruitment process we have benefited from the MSP and its delivery by Kingsley Consulting has been both a success and invaluable to the business.

Mark Meade, Divisional Service Manager

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